April 2013

Green light for new People Manager workshop

We are very happy to tell the world that Hiscox has given us the 'Green Light' to start on the design of a two-day practical workshop for new managers.  Delivery will be in partnership with the HR team at Hiscox and the pilot is due to run at the end of the May.  We are excited to help build and to form part of the delivery team of a training event that will hopefully be inspiring managers in Hiscox for years to come.

April 2013

Xperient works in partnership with Bramley Lakes

We are pleased to announce that we have just completed our first delivery for Bramley Lakes Learning & Development, based near Norwich.  Their programmes leverage a combination of indoor and outdoor exercises which are all built on the experiential philosophy. This makes them the ideal partners for Xperient and we hope that the recent Williams Lea Talent Academy we helped them to run will be the first of many collaborations.

March 2013

Post-production completed for new Hiscox training films

Following a stage of research and script development, a suite of eight short training films for managers at Hiscox Insurance was filmed in their Colchester offices at the end of March 2013. These demonstration videos will be available for managers to access on the Hiscox online learning centre as part of the pre-work for a two-day workshop which will be designed and delivered by Xperient.  In partnership with Tamarin Media, it only took one-day to shoot and the final versions of the films were approved less than a week later.

January 2013

Xperient start to develop promotional video

As part of the launch of our new product 'Practical Coaching',  we have started to create a short promotional film to help market the concept to our potential customers.  Although the project is 'top secret', we can reveal that it will be an animated film which will hopefully capture the imagination of the viewer.  We intend to go public with this by the end of April, both on our website and on our YouTube Channel.  Watch this space!

News Archives

November 2012

Mexico City - an Xperient first!!

Following the success of Xperient's New York team involvement at the HSBC Global Relationship Management event last month, our associates were invited to go down to Mexico City for the event there.   

November 2012

ACCA come back for more!

Xperient have been invited back to the Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants (ACCA) to present an update Chairs' Traning Workshop, focussed on recently appointed Chairs for their Disciplinary Panel.

October 2012

New York team involved in major HSBC event

For many years, Xperient has been a vital part of the Global Relationship Management Training programme for HSBC in London and in Paris.  This month we are pleased to announce that HSBC is now using our New York team for their events there.

September 2012

New Workshop designed for Dental Professionals

Continuing our programme of workshops aimed at the Contuining Professional Development of Dental Professionals, Xperient have designed a workshop called 'Communicating with Professionalism'.  The first event takes place on 28th September in Bangor and has been booked by the Postgraduate Education Centre at Cardiff University. The workshop will focus on the communication skills demanded of a dental professional and is aimed at the whole dental team and brings to bear insights relating to the expectations of the regulatory body, the public and your fellow team members. 

August 2012

New roleplays designed for Hiscox global training programme

As part of Hiscox brand new underwriter career development programme with the UK, Europe and the USA, a suite of training events have been designed for underwriters at all levels within the company.  Xperient have been assisting the Hiscox People Development team to create the interactive elements of the programme including the design of two realistic broker development scenarios for use in roleplay activities and an exercise in spotting opportunities. Using our detailed knowledge of how Hiscox like to conduct business, experience in understanding the world of the broker/client, a focus for accurate detail and a thorough comprehension of all the learning objectives, we have been able to provide briefing materials that can be used at any of these global events.  We are also looking forward to providing teams of roleplayer/faciliators when the programme begins to roll out over the next year.

June 2012

Xperient contribute to the Pilot of a new Hiscox Sales Leadership event

Continuing our long-standing association with client Hiscox insurance, Xperient assisted in the development, design and delivery of this new training event for Sales Leaders, some of the most senior managers at the front line of this thriving organisation. We created some experiential exercises that form a major part of the second day of this 2-day programme and provided a team of highly experienced role-player/facilitators to help make these exercises run smoothly at the pilot.  Three varied case studies gave these senior managers a chance to develop their coaching skills when interacting with their staff members and a complex simulation of a meeting with a large broker organisation offered them opportunities to explore their effectivess at selling with a top-level strategic approach and to hone their relationship building skills.

June 2012

Xperient link up with Politics at Work to support HSBC conference

Xperient was approached by training consultancy Politics at Work to help provide facilitator/assessors for a conference event entitled 'The Fine Art of Diplomatic Influencing'. Delegates were all senior actuarials from HSBC bank and following a presentation by course leader Mike Phipps of Politics at Work, they were invited to participate in two large-scale group activities whilst being observed by the team of assessors.  At the end of the day, individual feedback was delivered to each attendee and a full written report was created for the event sponsors.  Feedback was universally positive and Xperient hope that this is the start of a great new partnership.

May 2012

Xperient secure new contract with Achieve Global and Royal Bank of Canada

Xperient is pleased to be working in partnership with leading global sales training company Achieve Global on a series of fund manager workshops for the Royal Bank of Canada.  We were asked to research and design six case studies focussed around building stronger client relationships and provide an experienced roleplayer with a background in wealth management and trading.  We were delighted to be able to provide the services of our associate roleplayer/facilitator Stephen Cornes who fitted the client needs profile perfectly and he continues to be a big hit with both Achieve Global and RBC.

May 2012

Management Training Day for Hiscox team a big success

A very productive department within Hiscox insurance invited Xperient to design and deliver a training day for their managers.  Interactive sessions included a focus on questioning skills, a demonstration of situational leadership styles, a forum theatre session on giving feedback and a variety of role-play exercises.  These ranged from having challenging conversations with difficult team members to managing upwards to a senior manager.  The feedback was very positive and Xperient were happy to provide a bespoke training day for this particular department, especially as this was a return visit.  

January 2012

Hiscox Sales Training Video delivered to client

Xperient have produced their first training video in partnership with Walking Forward Media. Hiscox Insurance asked us to produce a module of eleven short training films which would bring their PSS selling model to life for underwriters and would be accessible at their offices around the world.  Xperient were responsible for researching the learning objectives, develop a script, cast and direct the actors, organise the 'shoot' and client liaison with overall responsibility for project management and scheduling. our business partners at WFM have been in charge of all technical stuff and post-production.  We are currently working on creating subtitled versions of the video for French and German speaking underwriters. 

December 2011

Back at the GDC for more panel training

The team at Xperient were invited back to the General Dental Council (GDC) once again to deliver our popular 'Questioning Styles' workshop for a specialist panel.  We helped the participants to explore the quality and impact of committee questions in a tailored version of this experiential workshop. 

November 2011

Xperient partner with Broadwater Training for PepsiCo

Our first joint venture with Broadwater Training involved designing and delivering an experiential training event for HR Managers within PepsiCo UK.  After completing an e-learning programme on 'Consulting Skills', a training need was identified by the sponsors of this learning process to bring the information to life with a practical workshop that gave the PepsiCo HR managers a chance to practice the skills they had learnt and explore some of the behavioural challenges involved.  Feedback from participants was very positive including "Well balanced and added real value to the online course learnings. A really valuable and effective one day course".  We enjoyed working with our partners Broadwater Training on delivering this event for PepsiCo and hope to work with them more in the future.



October 2011

Xperient announce launch of New York team of associates

Xperient is pleased to announce the launch of our team of talented business roleplayers and facilitators in Manhattan NYC. Fully trained by us in roleplaying up to executive level, delivering coaching-style evidence-based feedback and working within competency frameworks. Please do get in touch if you would like to take advantage of this resource.

October 2011

Manhattan team prepare for first big delivery

Having spent the past year recruiting a team of associate roleplayer/facilitators in New York, Xperient are pleased to confirm their involvement in two Hiscox sales training events this month.  Nicola Burnett Smith from Xperient will be working with the team in Manhattan to ensure that we provide the same quality service in the U.S. as we do here in the U.K.   Now that we have recruited a team with good experience and the range of skills we are looking for, we are hoping that other companies with training needs in the U.S. will get in touch with us.

September 2011

Xperient given 'green light' on new training videos

As a result of a proposal made to Hiscox earlier in the year, Xperient has now been given the 'green light' to start developing a series of short videos exploring a quality sales call for a Hiscox underwriter.  Ian Sanders of Xperient will commence script development immediately, consulting with senior Hiscox managers and the People Development team.  The shoot is being planned for December 2011 and we are planning to deliver the finished product to Hiscox by early in the new year as part of their e-learning platform.  We are also pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Working Forward Media as part of this project and hope that this will be a successful association for many years to come. 

August 2011

Xperient support Jaamjar in call centre training

Prior to the launch of a new Hiscox call centre in Colchester to handle claims for a particular line of business,  Xperient has worked in partnership with training company Jaamjar to provide the practise-based elements of a two-day workshop for the claims underwriters. 

July 2011

Briefing material translated into French and German

As part of our services to Hiscox for the design and delivery of sales training events in Central Europe, Xperient have been engaged to help with translation of roleplay briefing material into French and German.  With the assistance of our associates Aurelie Harp and Matthias Kress, we have agreed to make sure that the briefs and notes used for these global events are of the same quality and consistency as those we have used in London for many years.

June 2011

Xperient support HSBC training in Paris

Continuing the work we have been doing for HSBC at their Global Relationship Management events for the past few years, our roleplay team were sent out to work on the training event in Paris in June.  As usual, we brought to life scenarios inhabiting the roles of senior financial personnel in global organisations as part of challenging and complex case studies for delegates.

May 2011

Hiscox event run in both London and New York

After helping a specialist team within the Hiscox Lloyds syndicate in London to design some roleplay scenarios for the underwriters in their team as part of a training day, Xperient brought these scenarios to life firstly in London and subsequently in Manhattan.  We were pleased to use some of our newly recruited associates based in Manhattan and keep client costs to a minimum.

May 2011

Councillors attend Questioning Styles Workshop

Xperient were invited to run their Questioning Styles Workshop for the elected councillors of Skipton District Council in Yorkshire.  The event was held in the council chambers at the offices of Skipton council for two hours in the evening and councillors were encouraged to participate fully in this interactive workshop.

April 2011

Great Feedback for Dental Professionalism Workshops

This month we have delivered our 'Professionalism in Practice' workshop to 147 dental professionals at three CPD events in Swansea, Wrexham and York.  On feedback forms at the end of each workshop rated the interactive Xperient workshop on usefulness, relevance, style and method, facilitation, learning objectives and overall satisfaction and across the board we received an average approval of 92.28% with a large number of delegates scoring us 5 out of 5.   Comments include:  "This was one of the most enjoyable learning experiences I've done for CPD.  The interaction and skill by the presenters was excellent",  "Absolutely great course!!", "A very fun way to learn", "Very effective delivery of what is usually a very boring topic!", "For a very pleasant change, there was an element of humour and entertainment but for a good purpose!!", "All of the speakers were so much fun, kept me awake and interested.", "Great speakers, good communication skills, my eyes were on them the whole time!", "The delivery style, wide knowledge and experience was of a very high standard".  Xperient would like to thank the organisers at Cardiff University post-graduate education department and at the British Association of Dental Therapists (BADT) for making us feel so welcome at these events.

April 2011

French-speaking associates enhance Paris event

Following the set-up of our Paris-based team of associates, Xperient provided support to a number of sales training events for Hiscox held in Central Paris this month.  Although the events were run in English,  some of the roleplay sessions were delivered in French by our french-speaking associates at the request of delegates.  At future events, we are also looking to run roleplay sessions in German and we are currently looking to enhance the Paris team with German-speaking associates.

March 2011

Xperient lands new client for programme of training events

ACCA, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, have engaged Xperient to design and deliver a series of workshops for the Chairs and Panel Members on their disciplinary panels.  In May 2011 we will be running a full day event for Chairs covering a range of subjects and this is followed in June by a full day with new panel members.  In July, September and October we will be complimenting the existing training days for panel members with a newly designed half day workshop on 'Questioning Styles'.  Xperient are pleased to be working with ACCA on these events.

January 2011

Xperient design role-plays for new law firm training event

Existing Client, Herbert Smith LLP, have secured the services of Xperient to design part of their new Trainee Development Centre.  We have been asked to help design the role-play scenarios that form a major part of the two-day programme and focus on influencing styles, personal impact and relationship building.  We will be creating challenging situations for the Trainees to experience and explore when attending the development centre.  Our team of experienced role-players will then bring the characters and scenarios to life and with a combination of personal development coaching and insightful feedback, they will encourage a fun, energetic learning experience for all participating.

January 2011

Hiscox and Xperient pilot new development centre

Xperient have worked with Group Head of People Development at Hiscox on the 'pilot' of a brand new event - the Operations Career Development Centre.  As well as helping to design the role-play scenarios, a team of Xperient role-player/facilitators were engaged to form a major part of the day.  Not only did we bring realistic characters and scenarios from the London insurance markets to life in order to challenge the participants, who are all Operations Technicians working for Hiscox in Lloyds, the Xperient team also ran coaching sessions and gave developmental feedback to the participants and also formed part of the 'wash-up' at the end of the day sharing their observations with Hiscox managers.

January 2011

Cardiff University invite Xperient back to Wales in 2011

Following the success of our recent 'Professional in Practice' workshop at the Wrexham Institute for Dental Care Professionals (DCPs) in Wales, the dental postgraduate department at Cardiff University have asked us to return to Wrexham in April 2011 and to run the same event in Swansea, South Wales the very same week.

November 2010

Xperient goes international

To serve the global training needs of Hiscox insurance, we have recently set up Xperient teams of associa tes in the cities of New York and Paris. We are very pleased with the quality of the roleplayers and facilitators we have recruited as associates and are confident that they will satisfy the needs of our client. All of our Paris team are bi-lingual in French, English with a range of other European languages to choose from.  Our existing clients with offices in these cities have already shown an interest in making use of these 'local' teams and we are happy to discuss how our associates in Paris and New York may be able to assist in training events and conferences for other international companies.

November 2010

Xperient return to the General Dental Council to provide Questioning Skills Training

As part of the induction training for new members of the Fitness to Practice Panel at the General Dental Council, we have returned to Wimpole Street to delivering a series of our successful Questioning Styles workshops.  Using our interactive style, we are facilitating discussions and helping panel members to explore the importance of open-minded and non-judgemental questioning in their roles.  We also bring a case study to life and give the panel members the opportunity to question witnesses in a simulated hearing.

November 2010

Law firm engage Xperient for new development centre

One of our existing clients, Herbert Smith LLP, have asked us to provide a team of roleplayer/facilitators for a brand new development centre they are designing and piloting in the new year.  The event is designed to be part of the skills development of trainee solicitors and will include a mix of forum theatre and roleplay.

September 2010

Hiscox accepts Xperient proposal for local teams in New York and Paris

Xperient put forward a proposal to Hiscox People Development to enhance the quality of global underwriter training.  We suggested that Xperient set up teams of locally-based roleplayer/facilitators in both New York and Paris (where they will be able to work in French) with a view to providing the same level of training services to these international locations as we do in the UK.  This proposal has been agreed and we are now in the process of recruiting our local teams and will be conducting interviews in Paris and Manhattan shortly.

September 2010

Xperient flies over to New York to assist Hiscox

As part of our on-going involvement in global training for Hiscox Insurance, we are very pleased that the People Development team for Hiscox in the UK have asked us to fly over to Manhattan to form part of the delivery team for the training events in September.  

June 2010

Increased involvement in development centres for Hiscox

Xperient are now involved in giving a greater level of developmental feedback to both delegates and assessors at on-going underwriter development centres.  We have also started to develop interactive content for two new development centres within the Hiscox organisation for delivery over the summer months.  One centre is aimed at members of the Graduate Scheme and the other is for Operations staff working in the London Markets.

May 2010

General Dental Council invite Xperient to train new panel members

We will be running four of our original 'Questioning Styles' workshops for the new members of the Fitness to Practice Panel.  Recruitment is taking place from July onwards and the training events will be taking in the Autumn.

May 2010

General Optical Council invite Xperient to assist with training

Our new client, the General Optical Council, have asked us to provide a 'Questioning Styles' module as part of their training day for new professional conduct committee members.

April 2010

Xperient to assist with workshop deliveries in Paris

As part of our on-going support to the Hiscox programme of Underwriter Training, we have been asked to participate in a number of events in Paris.  Participants will be representing Hiscox offices across Europe.

March 2010

Dental Professionalism Workshops - Bookings start rolling in

We have had some new bookings for our 'Professionalism in Practice' workshop for the dental team.  These include the Ipswich Dental Vocational Training Scheme and the Yorkshire Dental Deanery.

March 2010

Xperient launch new sales enquiry line on freephone 0800 610 1028

As part of our new sales and marketing drive for 2010, we have now introduced a dedicated phone line for new customers and general sales enquiries. It is a freephone number so it does not cost potential customers and clients a penny to call us.  Xperient partners Nicola and Ian look forward to receiving your call for a free initial consultation on 0800 610 1028.

February 2010

Professionalism workshop for Dental Professionals booked by NHS Wales

Following on from the success of our 'Professionalism in Practice' workshop for the General Dental Council, held at The Royal College of Physicians in 2008, we have designed a one-day workshop for Dental Care Professionals (DCPs).  The first of these workshops has been booked by the Dental Postgraduate Department of NHS Wales to run at the Wrexham Medical Institute in September. The emphasis of the workshop will be on what steps individual DCPs can make to help their dental practice or lab more professional through greater awareness of their own behaviours and actions.  This will also be verifiable as CPD for those that attend.

January 2010

Xperient helping to train Hiscox underwriters in New York

Xperient founder and facilitator Nicola Burnett Smith is taking part in a training session in New York for Hiscox underwriters based over in the United States.  The event is based on a similar underwriter training event we regularly help to deliver in London for UK and Europe based underwriters.   Nicola will be playing a broker in a simulated meeting designed to explore the most effective ways of supporting a broker and developing a relationship that will help underwriters to sell the benefits of working with Hiscox as an insurer of choice.

November 2009

Xperient form major part of a brand new development centre for top law firm

As part of the on-going talent management programme within law firm Herbert Smith LLP, a new development centre has been created for potential partners by business psychologists Pearn Kandola.  The Xperient team form part of a simulated day in the life of a partner in the roles of internal staff, existing and potential clients.  On day two, we help the Senior Associates attending to review their performances from the first day and we run coaching sessions around developing their communication skills to be more effective as partners.

October 2009

Pilot Development Centre for Mayer Brown delivered successfully

Xperient played a major part in the delivery of a brand new asso ciates development centre for international law firm Mayer Brown LLP.  We ran a forum theatre workshop on delegation, took on roles for practical sessions around managing others and represented the clients in a simulation around client relationships and billing. We are hoping that these development centres will be a regular feature of the Xperient year.

October 2009

Xperient start work on new project for existing client in the legal sector

We are pleased to announce that the Learning & D evelopment team at law firm Herbert Smith LLP (with whom we have worked for a number of years) have asked us to work with them to develop and deliver a session for a module of their 'Developing High Performance' programme aimed at experienced support staff.  The first of these annual events will take place at the end of October.

October 2009

Xperient to design and deliver negotiation skills workshop for Hiscox Claims

Xperient are currently in the process of working w ith the Claims Department within insurance company Hiscox to develop a training day to be delivered next month.  The key learning objectives are around negotiating in a claims environment and increasing levels of self awareness within the team.  The session will be in the 'house' style of Xperient with plenty of hands-on activities and experiential learning.

September 2009

NHS Dental Postgraduate Education in Wales book Professionalism in Practice Workshop

Xperient is to bring back it's 'Professio nalism in Practice' workshop in a full day format aimed at members of the Dental Team. We have been booked for the first of what will be a series of one-day workshops in the Welsh regions by the Dental Postgraduate Education team and this will take place in Wrexham, North Wales in early March. 

September 2009

Xperient launch new website 11/9/09

To reflect the varied types of work that our clients have asked us to be involved with over recent years, we have redressed our 'shop window' with a brand new website along with a new logo and brand identity. Please add to your favourites.

September 2009

New roleplay scenarios developed for Hiscox development centre

Continuing our involvement with the underwriting development centres for Hiscox Insurance, we have recently adapted two existing scenarios into roleplays for assessment of underwriters within the Hiscox Underwriting Centre in Colchester.

September 2009

Previously successful Xperient workshop being redesigned for International law firm

We are currently in the process of redesigning elements of our Delivering Difficult Messages Workshop for existing client Mayer Brown LLP with a view to a firm-wide roll-out starting in November. The in-house research phase has been completed and the design phase is well underway.

August 2009

Xperient participation in brand new law firm training programme confirmed

International law firm Mayer Brown LLP, an existing client of ours, have confirmed the delivery of a pilot development centre for associates in October.  We will be involved with forum-style roleplays and helping to a simulate an experience with a challenging client. 

August 2009

Xperient win new contract with top law firm

Herbert Smith LLP have confirmed us as the provider of roleplay, facilitation and coaching services for a new development centre for Senior Associates starting in November.