Understanding Professionalism

Our exploration of professionalism shines a light on internal and external interactions in both the private and the public sector.

Your profession or business will inevitably have ‘ethical values’ as part of its vision or mission statement. How does this help the individual to navigate the ethical dilemmas encountered in day-to-day professional practice? A better understanding of what constitutes professional behaviour leads to increased profitability and credibility, a positive public perception, less time spent dealing with confusions and complaints and the ability to become a trusted adviser to your clients, patients and colleagues.

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“The Professionalism in Practice forum theatre workshop which Xperient organised for us made a complex subject accessible and engaging for a very diverse group of delegates. I was really impressed by the thorough research the Xperient team put in to make the scenarios come alive. They had authenticity and integrity, which enabled the Xperient team to gain the trust and participation of a highly expert and potentially challenging group, who were then able to focus on the issues they were there to work on, confident that the exercise was valid and meaningful, as well as great fun.”
Duncan Rudkin, Chief Executive and Registrar, General Dental Council