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"The Xperient team has supported management development and sales training at Hiscox for more than three years.  Delegates consistently tell us that actors were convincing.  Indeed, two sceptical senior managers with more than 50 years industry experience between them found the actors to be totally realistic as brokers.  As well as role playing, actors have proven to be excellent facilitators, building rapport with our people and prioritising/delivering feedback.  Ian and Nicola have also given me valuable advice about creating role play briefs and how to position sessions with delegates.    Business impact?  Managers report greater confidence and skill in people management, especially handling difficult conversations.  On the sales side, underwriters are now more skilful in managing broker relationships and developing their accounts.   Finally, I have to applaud Xperient's professionalism, responsiveness and energy - an enjoyable team to work with."

“Xperient have provided role players to develop the sales skills of underwriters. Ian works as a true business partner, challenging what I ask for and helping to develop how we deliver training in the UK, continental Europe and the USA. Our senior managers were sceptical that actors could be convincincing brokers so I asked them to watch Ian's team in action and that was sufficient to get their support. In terms of impact - greater underwriter confidence and more sales.” 

Phil Steele, People Development Advisor
Hiscox Insurance Company Ltd

"The Professionalism in Practice forum theatre workshop which Xperient organised for us made a complex subject accessible and engaging for a very diverse group of delegates. I was really impressed by the thorough research the Xperient team put in to make the scenarios come alive. They had authenticity and integrity, which enabled the Xperient team to gain the trust and participation of a highly expert and potentially challenging group, who were then able to focus on the issues they were there to work on, confident that the exercise was valid and meaningful, as well as great fun."

Duncan Rudkin, Chief Executive and Registrar
General Dental Council

We have worked in partnership with Xperient delivering learning and development for a major Broadwater client. From the start of the project they were completely professional , client a focused and innovative in their approach. Easy to talk to, fun to be with and great at getting results. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for an innovative way to learn new ways of working. 

Adrian Bennett, Managing Director
Broadwater Training

"Very interesting and pitched at the correct level. Nicola (Burnett Smith) is a very effective facilitator who brings a level of understanding to the type of questioning techniques required by a healthcare panel.  Students privately expressed how much they had learned and how easy it was to understand Nicola's style."

David Henley, Hearings Manager
General Optical Council

“Throughout the scoping, design and delivery phase of both projects the whole ... team delivered huge expertise and value through fantastic facilitation and delivery skills and a flexible but focused approach. Importantly, as well as really positive immediate delegate feedback we’ve seen real evidence of learning transfer and behavioural change. Having met ... the team we really appreciated the combination of professionalism and personal engagement that the whole team demonstrate.”  


Matt Freeland, Senior HR Director Operations
Pepsico UK

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