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"Training consultants, Xperient, who ran the workshop, offered a somewhat different approach to learning, which was refreshing and seemed very well received by the group.  The Xperient team used techniques such as group discussion and dramatics to illustrate key points surrounding professionalism and to show examples of this within the workplace.  The change in format throughout the workshop served its purpose well and was a good way of keeping the group focused.  Additionally, the group discussions raised some contentious points that sparked debate, which became quite heated at one point ......Overall the workshop was a great success with important issues broached in an informal manner.  Duncan Rudkin outlined the GDC's aim of the workshop which was "To inform our understanding of the issues arising from the workshop" and seemingly the workshop was a successful open forum for discussion between dental professionals.  A closing statement from Huw Mathewson summed up the workshop well: " Team days that explore uncomfortable issues help practices and make clear what behaviours are acceptable."  This is very true of the Professionalism in Practice course, which broached registration in a clear and helpful manner and reinforced the whole ethos of professionalism to the whole dental team."

Press report by GEORGINA SMITH
Using role play to highlight key practice issues (The Probe, May 2008)

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