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About us

About us - Ian Sanders and Nicola Burnette Smith - Xperient

Xperient Training:  Flexible, communicative and reliable, by nature and design

We believe in saying “yes” to new challenges.

Xperient Training was set up in 2007 by founders and directors Nicola Burnett Smith and Ian Sanders and was inspired by our belief in the power of learning by experience.

Today, we have grown from a two-person enterprise with three clients in the UK to a global company with 78 international associates working in over 16 locations around the world.

Since 2007 we have worked with over 40 clients and we are proud of the longevity of a great many of those relationships.

We now work with both public and private sector organisations, from banks to hospitals, insurance companies to health care regulators, universities and retail giants.

Underpinning everything we do sits our belief in the power of learning by experience. Discover more about our training, why and how it works so well.

“Xperient is a true business partner, challenging what I ask for and helping to develop how we deliver training in the UK, continental Europe and the USA.”
Phil Steele – People Development Advisor, Hiscox Insurance

“Working with Xperient Training is a dream come true… well managed, dependable, collaborative, and very flexible”
Viki Steenhuis – Head of Leadership and Development, Hiscox, USA

“Working with Xperient is a dream come true!  … well managed, dependable, collaborative, and very flexible.”

Viki Steenhuis, Head of Leadership & Development, Hiscox, USA