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One-to-one coaching from Xperient Training

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Coaching – to support, challenge and unleash potential

We help individuals build their resilience and creativity as they negotiate the daily challenges of work and everyday life.

Practical Coaching by Xperient Training

Our experienced coaches create practical and challenging bespoke exercises and scenarios to help realise and shape talent and potential. This focussed and individual approach assists with short and long-term challenges.

By improving business relationships and increasing insight, we also help individuals explore their longer-term career development.


We also teach coaching skills to empower your people to support others within your organisation. Have a look at our Coaching Skills workshop.

Our coaching clients say:

“It really made me think about how I interact with (my client) on the phone.  I know I have certain traits and I am now thinking about how this comes across and trying to deal with this accordingly.”

“I found the session really useful and motivating. Also quite realistic.  The discussions throughout the session took the pressure away from the role-play making this more effective.  Very impressive! The switch from character to coach with immediate feedback was excellent.”

“What I found most useful about my session was the fact that it is was done on an individual basis and could therefore be tailored to my personal training needs.  I got a lot out of the session and have subsequently been able to apply some of the things I learned to my day job.”


Nicola and Ian are great coaches. Through their work with my team they have developed great insight on the insurance industry which has made the simulations authentic and realistic. Their work has had a great impact on our development underwriters and is always fun!”
Mark Shaw, Head of Business Development and Marketing, Hiscox London Market division.”

“I have tried coaching before and was fairly happy, but Ian’s style offers something unique and is therefore: a) value for money, and b) effective. He is not just a talking textbook: Ian throws himself into the coaching from the beginning with practical exercises and personal, candid advice. Ian picked up on the hindrances to my progression from the outset and had a clear strategy to help me develop. I would fully recommend anyone at all curious about improving his or her communication to get in touch with Ian.”