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Discover our Terms and Conditions of Business, a frame work for how we will work together on your project.


Fee levels will be agreed at the time of booking. For most events this is agreed at a daily rate per facilitator and/or role-player plus expenses (where appropriate) plus VAT.

For some events outside of the UK or away from home, the fee quoted may include a ‘capped’ amount for travel and per diem costs. In such circumstances it may be agreed that no receipts for these capped expenses will be submitted.

Certain ‘ready-made’ training courses are available at a fixed price to be agreed at the time of booking. Bespoke training events will be subject to fees for research and design.

Any alteration to the original agreement may affect the fee. In this event, Xperient LLP will inform the client in advance of the work being carried out.


100% of the agreed fee will be charged in the event of cancellation or postponement within 21 days inclusive of the date(s) booked. Further cancellation charges of less than 100% of the fee may be levied outside the 21-day zone at the company’s discretion. This will be communicated and agreed with the client before an invoice is sent. This cancellation deadline and fee can be negotiated to cover unusual circumstances.

At the point of cancellation, any expenses and fees incurred in the course of design, devising or rehearsal will become payable.

Any non-refundable expenses incurred for pre-booking of flights, trains or accommodation will become payable in the event of a cancellation. For bookings outside the UK, Xperient may arrange to invoice for immediate reimbursement for travel and accommodation costs as soon as expense is incurred, even if this is before the event is completed.


The fee agreed will not be inclusive of travel costs, unless otherwise agreed as above under FEES. We would expect the client to reimburse expenses incurred travelling to and from the training venue. For bookings outside the UK or away from home, this includes travel to and from the airport at either end, including taxi fares where agreed or where travel is occurring at anti-social hours. If required we can provide estimates of all expenses in advance.

Travel will be charged in the following ways, unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking:

  • at an agreed fixed rate per mile driven
  • standard class rail fares and taxi fares
  • air tickets and taxi fares

The fee agreed will not be inclusive of accommodation costs and meal allowances. All accommodation and meals will be charged at cost unless provided by the client or unless a capped figure has been agreed and added to the fee. The client will cover the cost of wifi access as part of the hotel bill, unless otherwise agreed.

Our associates will always endeavour to take the transport options that keep costs low unless their own safety may be compromised in so doing e.g. if travelling home late at night. If this is the case we are happy to provide more detail of this in advance.


We will invoice for any advance-paid expenses as soon as possible after the expense has been incurred. For expenses, we ask for a quick turnaround in receiving refund from the client.

We will invoice for all other fees as possible after the event. Payment terms are strictly 30 days for fees.


Prior to the delivery of each training event, we will provide the client with a list of the facilities and/or equipment we require.

It is the responsibility of the client to arrange the venue for the training event and to ensure that suitable facilities are available to the participants and the training team. We advise that the ideal environment for our workshops is a main room large enough to accommodate all participants and served by natural daylight where possible. Other syndicate rooms may be required for some training events.


Partners, Xperient LLP 1st June 2020

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