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Our people - Xperient - communication skills training


Many of Xperient Training‘s UK associates have been working with us since we started the company in 2007 and our international recruitment and growth followed shortly after. Our global associates are a mix of facilitators, roleplayers, simulation actors, improvisers and online presenters. Usually, all of the above! The majority of our training programmes use a combination of all of these skills. Many of our team are multi-lingual.

For our online training programmes , our associates and producers on both sides of the Atlantic are adept at using a range of communication platforms, including Webex™. We design and facilitate group and individual online training featuring discussions, breakout sessions and roleplaying online. Our sessions are enlivened by performed monologues, duologues and interactive forum theatre scenarios.

“You’re a fantastic team…  Xperient is always the highlight of our programme.”
Learning and Development Manager, Global Law Firm

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Meet the people behind Xperient Training

“Having met the team we really appreciated the combination of professionalism and personal engagement that the whole team demonstrate.”
Matt Freeland – Senior HR Director Operations, Pepsico UK

“I applaud Xperient Training’s professionalism, responsiveness and energy – an enjoyable team to work with.”
Phil Steele – People Development Advisor, Hiscox Insurance

“I was really impressed by the thorough research the Xperient team put in to make the scenarios come alive. They had authenticity and integrity, which enabled the Xperient team to gain the trust and participation of a highly expert and potentially challenging group, who were then able to focus on the issues they were there to work on, confident that the exercise was valid and meaningful, as well as great fun.”
Duncan Rudkin – 
Chief Executive and Registrar 
General Dental Council

“Very enjoyable session – and what good knowledge of subject matter by the facilitators!”
Kings College Tutors – Giving and Receiving Feedback Training Programme, 2019



Ian Sanders
Xperient Training Founder & Partner

“We enjoy using our expert communication and performance skills to help people understand and promote better conversations, so that everyone feels they can do their best, working in harmony and with generosity for greater growth.”

Nicola Burnett Smith
Xperient Training Founder & Partner

“… It’s about bringing our experience and performance skills to establish, promote and embed common ground and deeper ways to connect.”


It is important to us at Xperient Training that we work with associates who share our values and beliefs and who can confidently adopt our ‘Xperient approach’ to learning.  We also make a conscious effort to ensure that the people we work with replicate the diversity within your organisation.

All our delivery teams share the same key skills:

  • Excellent presentation skills
  • A listening, questioning and curious approach
  • Strong analytical skills
  • A good understanding of the business world
  • Talent at roleplaying and improvising
  • Modesty and confidence

If you are interested in setting up a local delivery team for your training, please call us for a chat.