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Nicola Burnett Smith
Xperient Training Founder & Partner

“I specialise in using a coaching approach to help individuals and groups refine their own skills and in looking for creative, bespoke solutions to the challenges our clients face.”

“In the 1980s I studied Theatre and Drama at Warwick University and became a professional actor. During the 1990s I started using my skills to work as a business roleplayer. In the 2000s I was recruited as a lay member by various regulatory bodies, representing the public interest at Disciplinary and ‘Fitness to Practise’ hearings. This culminated in 10 years as Panellist and Chair of the General Dental Council Professional Conduct Committees.

“When establishing Xperient with Ian in 2007, I was able to bring together all of my skills and experiences under one umbrella.  My Fitness to Practise panel experience gave me a unique view into the public interest aspects of health care; my work in professional self-regulation gave me knowledge of the many difficult issues around professionalism and conduct in the financial and private sector; chairing panels has meant insight into the role of the leader, as well as giving me opportunity to learn about legal process and principles from some of the top legal minds in the UK today.

“Working with Ian in creating and building our company Xperient has been one of the most satisfying roles of my life.  Every day I get enjoyment, challenge and satisfaction from seeing people we have helped become more confident, more empowered and achieve greater success.”

Nicola’s clients say:

‘The training was hugely valuable, and your delivery was masterly. I am acutely aware of the intensive work involved in this type of event – and congratulate you, most sincerely, for all you did to make the two days so productive, interesting and enjoyable.”

“I truly enjoyed the training.  It was a valuable experience for me and I am so grateful you were there to guide me through the process.”

“Very enjoyable session – and what good knowledge of the subject matter and context by the facilitator!”

“Nicola is a very effective facilitator who brings a level of understanding to the type of questioning techniques required by a healthcare panel.  Panellists privately expressed how much they had learned and how easy it was to understand Nicola’s style.”